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Naxos Island  
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  • Portara, the gate of a temple dedicated to the God Apollo
  • Naxos town (Chora), view from portara hill
  • Plaka beach, at the south west part of the island
  • Sunset at Naxos town (Chora)
  • Small lakes close to Kinidaros village
  • Tower at castle of Naxos town (Chora)

Did you know?

Naxos -being the biggest and greenest island of Cyclades- is considered to be the “heart” of the Aegean!

A coastline of almost 91 km and more than 20 breathtaking beaches can make true all your dreams of chilling moments by the seaside.

More than 40 villages scattered throughout the 435 square kilometers island area, offer you the opportunity to appreciate the island’s culture and traditions.

15 Museums and 4 significant archaeological sites, spread throughout the entire island, will take you on a journey to far-off periods in history.

Views of Naxos
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Views of Naxos

In a nutshell

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Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades, with a total area of 435 square kilometers and a coastline of almost 91km.

The various landscapes that you will discover here, will satisfy travelers of all preferences.

During your stay you will meet plains, barren "wild" areas, tall marble mountains that leads to deep shadowed valleys. Large areas of vegetation accommodate 33 villages, while all around you will find 19 beautiful beaches.

Naxos, combining the magic of the beaches and the beautiful mountainous landscape as an exotic backdrop, offers a feast of activities.

Water sport lovers can find well organized and well equipped sports centers on several beaches. On the other hand, dozens of beautiful trails, gravel or asphalt, are waiting to entertain fans of trekking and mountain biking, offering unique experiences.

Naxos is an autonomous island which has been inhabited continuously for almost 6.000 years. The particular culture and civilization that developed throughout the centuries, was due to influences from various conquerors.

Portara monument
Naxos town (Chora's) castle
Dimitra's Temple
Kouros statue at Melanes
Apiranthos village
Chalki village
Plaka beach
Alyko beach
Zas mountain (trekking)
Kinidaros river (trekking)
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