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Plan your days

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For 1 day on the island

Naxos is a great island, the biggest in the Cyclades complex. If you are doing island hopping and you get the opportunity to spend only a day or few hours in Naxos, the truth is that you will only “wet” your appetite for more, as chances are, you will only get to see a very small bit of what the island has in for you and sign up for a more extensive stay next time!

For the time-being, while you are there for a day, make the most out of it! If you want to go for a swim, make sure you visit one of the beaches near Naxos Town: St. Prokopis, St. Anna, or Plaka. You can always take the bus or a taxi there, if you don’t have a vehicle to do so. This way you will get to enjoy a few hours in some of the most beautiful, sandy beaches of the island, while also drink your coffee or have lunch. If you are interested in a bit of culture as well, you can always visit the monument of Iria temple, which is close to St. Anna beach.

If on the other side you only have time for a very quick dive in the water, there is no reason why to miss it: St George beach is a popular beach within walking distance from town, where you can enjoy the sea, play sports game, or have something to eat and drink in the organized sandy beach.

Naxos town (Chora)
St. Prokopis beach
Plaka beach

Either on the evening, or during mid day, if you are not so interested in a short beach getaway, Naxos Town can still allure you with its options. There, you can stroll up the old town paths and explore the castle, visit the museum, do your shopping and, of course, visit the Portara monument at Palatia. Or whenever you feel like it, you can enjoy an ouzo or raki at a traditional tavern at the coastal road near the port or a few drinks in the lovely bars settled into town.

For 3 days on the island

If you are spending what we call “a long weekend” on the island and you want something more than a few relaxed days on the beaches, discovering more of the island of Naxos, you should probably work around a plan, grouping your destinations to the available time you have.

Of course, your planning depends on where you have chosen to stay. We have organized a selection of places you can combine per day, as you may understand, you are the one to decide how “intense” you want your days to be!

Day 1:

Start your exploration of the island by visiting the most popular beaches in the west south of Naxos. Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka are dreamy and less than 20 minutes away from Naxos Town. You can even combine a swim at each one of them within the same day, as they are in the same coastline and only a few minutes away by car. Spending a beautiful day there, you might want to consider having lunch or early dinner in the numerous, quality restaurants placed just a few meters away from the beach in all three areas.

This way, you can make it early in Naxos Town, in order to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Portara. After the sun goes down, let the fun begin with a few drinks, have a dessert or icecream or why not – since the sea always increases one’s appetite- some ouzo with “meze” (small dishes to accompany the wine, ouzo or beer) in one of the many entertainment spots you will find walking across town and the castle. This way, you can get a taste of the Chora’s Castle at night.

This program or part of it, could be chosen for your departure day, since a) if you are leaving in the afternoon, you can easily enjoy the beaches which are close to town and dedicate you “full” days to more far away destinations, b) if you are leaving with a late night boat, you will still have a full day.

Chalki village
Filoti village
Apiranthos village

Day 2:

Start your day early, so as to have time to explore the more distant parts of the island. Enjoy your breakfast into town, or keep your appetite for an authentic breakfast experience in the villages.

Let the signs lead you to Chalki, where you can walk around or sit in one of the beautiful coffee shops available in the pedestrian passages. Try out the local desserts and visit the “Kitron Museum” to find out how the most famous local drink is produced. If you are into walks, it might worth it to dedicate some time to follow the path to the special byzantine church of St. George Diasorriti.

Not far away from Chalki, you will meet the village of Filoti. If you want to feel like a “local”, you can cool down after your walk in the paths of the village by enjoying a quick “greek coffee” under the huge “Platanos” trees.

Passing by the mountain of “Zeus”, you will then meet the village of Apeiranthos. You can either spend the next few hours exploring the village, or if you are still in the mood for some exploration, you can continue towards the destination of “Moutsouna”. The driving is not the easiest, but the landscape is beautiful and worth it. There you can have also have a swim or if you feel like it, enjoy some fresh fish in the small tavernas by the beach. An alternative to having something to eat in Moutsouna, is to save your appetite for Apeiranthos. Walk around one of the most famous villages of the island, and reward yourself with a lovely dinner in one of the traditional tavernas.

Apollonas village
Koronos village
Pyrgaki beach

Day 3:

If your departure is early on your 3 day, you can consider the option suggested for day 1. If on the other side we are talking about another full day in the island, the options are many. If you are feeling like another day of driving and exploration, you can move towards the north east side of the island, ending up to Apollonas.

While driving along the north coastal line of the island, you will find the village of Galini, from which you will be able to overlook the largest plain of Cyclades, the “Eggares plain”. Continuing your drive, you will pass through 2 dams which constitute the island’s water supply sources. Then, respectively you will find the Holy Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, some bays for swimming, and the Tower of Agia, where you can stop over and enjoy, depending on your mood and time availability.

Reaching Apollona, you should make sure you visit the monument of Kouros. Returning into your base, you can always drive from a different way, through the island’s inland, so as to explore other villages like Koronida, Koronos, Moni or Kinidaros.

On the other hand, if you are more in the mood for beach time, then try going further down the south west part of the island, to enjoy the beaches of Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, or Pyrgaki.

For more than 4 days on the island:

If you are lucky enough and have more than 4 days to enjoy the beauties of Naxos, then we have more suggestions for you!

You already have 4 full days planned from the aforesaid suggested ideas, during which you can get a handful experience of the island. From this point on, you can obviously dedicate more time towards the things that fit best to you and your holiday’s style.

To plan your days, offering you "Make my holiday plan" service, which can aggregate all the spots and destinations you would like to visit while in the island and print it in a friendly version. The service is free, and the only thing that you have to do is just to login to "Naxos-island TV", so that we can personalize your experience.

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