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  • Naxos produces five different types of cheese that you should try
  • Naxos produces olives and oil
  • At Naxos island you can find fresh fish
  • Naxos produces honey

Did you know?

It is said that God Dionysus loved the island of Naxos so much, that he made the land fertile and full of vineyards, enabling the production of wine with excellent taste and fine quality.

Naxos is the most fertile island of Cyclades, having an important agricultural production, as well as well developed livestock-farming.

Some of Naxos local products are famous within and beyond the greek boarders, including potatoes, tomatoes, olives, olive oil, fruits, honey, cheese, wine and the famous liqueur of Naxos called “Kitron”!

Views of Naxos

Local Specialties

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Each island has its own sense of taste and its own cooking. The cuisine of Naxos is famous for its simplicity, variety but above all, for a great strong taste that is a result of the abundance of fresh material. Herbs, exceptional olive oil and high quality meat are produced on the island.

Naxos is famous for products such as potatoes, dairy products, citrus, wine, thyme honey and many other showing that Naxos has a tradition of quality Greek cuisine and pastry making. The housewives of Naxos have learned to keep the taste balance, to respect the clock of nature and create with passion and imagination dishes that look like works of art, leaving the visitors of the island astonished and putting Naxos at the forefront of Cycladic cooking.

Naxos Island’s abundance of specialty products – testimony to the island’s true wealth – becomes all the more evident when considering the choices available to the traveler desiring to bring back a tangible token of his visit to the island.

Culinary experiences
Some of the dishes you can enjoy in Naxos is “provatses” with pork, “patoudo”, Rosto, rooster in wine, traditional cheesepie, frikasse of lamb and the seafood lovers can taste plenty of fresh fish, astakomakaronada( spaggeti with lobster), saganaki(fried cheese) mussels, squid roasted and many others will remain unforgettable for the excellent quality and taste.

Local Dairy Products
Naxos has an array of local dairy products. These include fresh pasteurized milk, fresh cream, butter, and a selection of cheeses: the Naxian Graviera, Mizithra [a hard cheese used for pasta], Manouri [soft cheese], Xynotyri [sour cheese], Anthotyro [a soft cheese] and Naxian Kefalotyri [a hard salty cheese].

Local Meat
Naxos has a ripe beef production industry, which explains the occasional cows you might meet around the island. Same goes with goats. Some people say that it is because the animals are feed with salty herbs, that the local meat is so tasty. Whatever the case is, you should definitely try dishes with local meat and poultry (ask for rooster when available in restaurants), as well as local sausages.

Possibly Naxos’ most well known local product is “Kitro” liqueur (also sometimes referred to as “Citron”), an officially recognized Greek liqueur industry trademark. Kitro is an aperitif liquor made from the fruit bearing its name.

Fresh fish, gourmet fish dishes and appetizers should be on your “to do list” of culinary experiences! Outside most tavernas, restaurants and “ouzeri” you will be tempted by the smell of grilled octopus, squid and sepia. Don’t forget to try the delicious “gouna”, a fish opened and dried in the sun with herbs, before grilled. “Salatouri” is also a favorite dish for most visitors.

Naxos potatoes are considered the best in the country, and for a long time there was a specific Naxos variety. There are famous for their wonderful and distinct taste. Try them in any restaurant to taste the difference yourself, or ask for them at a local grocery store.

Local Wine
Vineyards are seen all over Naxos, local wine is ample, and can be sampled all over Naxos in local taverns, so long as you ask for it, particularly in the wine growing areas near Filoti, Koronos and Koronida.

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