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Carnival in Naxos 2012

Date: 03.02.2012

The last weekend before “Ash Monday”, is the highlight of the folk festival of Naxos Carnival. The carnival in Naxos imitates ancient Dionysian scenes and revives ancient Dionysian festivals and rituals.

The locals aggregate in the central squares and have fun together, dancing and singing to the accompaniment of traditional music instruments, while enjoying delicious food and wine. “Torch parades” and street performances are celebrated all around the island, in a unique set of happenings, one should not miss if in Greece around that time of the year.

In Apiranthos, it is the time that “koudounatoi” come out. “Koudounatoi” is a group of people wearing a cape with a hood, who run on the streets, shaking bells, shouting and chasing away all evil. On Ash Monday, the 1st day of Lent before Easter for the Orthodox, in the villages of Livadi, locals dress up as “foustanellatoi” or “kordellatoi”, embellished with coloured ribbons and coins, dancing and singing in small groups in the villages’ squares.

The first video will give you "a taste" of the happenings of “Naxos 2011 Carnival”, while the second video is the trailer for 2012. Unfortunately, the videos –made by the Municipality of Naxos- are only available in Greek. However, we are sure they can still intrigue you to consider visiting the island at a “not so summery” time so as to experience these unique folk events, strongly connected to the Greek mythology!

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