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Picture: Manos Lianopoulos Picture: Antony Moustakis - Manos Lianopoulos is an innovative online video travel guide project about the island of Naxos in Greece, developed by Greed Promo. Its aim is to capitalize on the dynamics of new technologies and multimedia, in order to present - through short, targeted videos - everything you need to know about the magical holiday destination of Naxos.

Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades complex and a “must visit” destination for travelers looking for a holiday break which combines natural beauties, culture, history, authentic tastes, as well as sports & activities alternatives. It is not without reason that water sport lovers (windsurfers, kite surfers and so on) are the most true fans of Naxos island!

The natural beauties, the sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water, the picturesque villages scattered across the mountainous areas of the island, the numerous sightseeing options, the archeological monuments and the cultural wealth of Naxos unravel through the short, targeted videos which -we hope- succeed in giving you the real “Naxos experience”.

Picture: Manos Lianopoulos - Antony Moustakis Picture: Manos Lianopoulos

"Naxos island is my birth place and I wanted to capture and share with everyone its “essence” and beauties on video. For me, Naxos is a place with beautiful memories and experiences attached to it. I believe though that the same goes for anyone who has ever had or will have the chance to visit the island.

While creating the portal, we focused on what one finds useful when doing holiday planning. We hope you will find useful the search options (tags considering your holidays and personal style), as well as the service “Make my holiday plan”, which may facilitate you to organize your holidays on the island while navigating in the site, by aggregating all spots and destinations you would like to visit at some point.

What we also focused on, is not to “list” all available spots, tavernas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc., but to provide you with options we feel confident about their offering quality.

Picture: Hanne-Sofie Høsøien Nordre Picture: Jane Long

I feel the need to say a "special thanks" to all people that helped me and supported me to bring into life:

• Natasa Lianopoulou (Greece) for the project management of the website,
• Ageliki Ntai (Greece) for all her support during the video recording,
• Hanne-Sofie Høsøien Nordre (Norway) for the presentation of the main video (overview) of the island,
• Antony Moustakis (Naxos, owner of Notos bistro at Pyrgaki) for organizing the trips at Zas mountain and Kinidaros lakes,
• Spiros Papadopoulos (Naxos, Owner of Nissaki hotel) for all contacts with local authorities,
• Jane Long (U.K.) for her help with the presentation for the naxos castle,
• Curt Björk (Sweden) for the presentation for Alyko beach,
• Monica Calvino (U.K.) for the speakage at all videos,
• Anthi Papachristodoulou (Samos island, Greece), for the graphics of the portal,
• Veny Genadieve (Bulgary) for the development of the website,
• Kostantinos Katevas (Greece), also for the development of the website.

We are constantly working on improving so as to enhance your experience, however feel free to send us feedback and comments about the project.

If you need any further help or suggestions, I am here to advise you for anything you must know about the island -and why not- to meet you there at your next holidays in Naxos."

Picture: Curt Björk Picture: Monica Calvino

Manos Lianopoulos - Director

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