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Naxos Island  
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  • Portara, the gate of a temple dedicated to the God Apollo at Naxos town
  • Dimitras temple close to Sagri village
  • Kouros statue close to Melanes village
  • Fotodoti tower - monastery close to Danakos village
  • Sanctuary monument of Iria close to St. Anna beach
  • Cheimaros tower close to Filoti village

Did you know?

Excavations in the last century have brought into light numerous archaeological sites (Grotta, Aplomata, Pithos in Chora, Melanes, Sangri, Iria, Tsikalario in central Naxos, Panormos, Korphi t'Aroniou in east Naxos) and a great number of findings which are now housed in the Naxos Museum.

Apart from enjoying the white houses with the Greek Cycladic architecture, one may appreciate significant landmarks from the Venetian era, like the towers and castles scattered across the island.

Naxos is often referred to as “a second Mystra of the Aegean Sea”, due to all the Byzantine churches set across its land.

Views of Naxos
Fotodoti is the oldest monastery in Naxos, with its foundations dating from the Byzantine era, around 600 AD.
A famous monument in Naxos town, which is believed that it was the gate of an ancient temple dedicated to God Apollo.
Naxos town's castle was built in 1207 by the Venetian conqueror, Marco Sanudo.
One of the most important monuments of ancient civilization that were originally built with rounded walls.
Naxos is home to three ancient Kouros statues, dating from around 8th to 6th Century BC.
A temple dedicated to the ancient Goddess Dimitra, that dates from around 530 BC.
An important temple from around 1.300 BC, that used to honor the ancient Greek God Dionysus.
This church houses two venerated Byzantine paintings, that worshipers believe that can perform miracles.
A manually operated olive press that have been established in 1850 and was in use until 1960.
Views of Naxos


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Naxos’s turbulent history has left an enduring mark on the landscape in shape of the many historical sites and monuments, as well as castles and towers that pepper the island’s territories.

Apart from the fantastic attractions owed to human interference, the nature itself has been particularly generous with the island of Naxos, where one can find beautiful landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views.

Here you may find a selection of ideas for how to spend your days in Naxos, discovering its sightseeing attractions.

Archeological Sites

The archeological sites of Naxos have the power to capture the imagination and take visitors on a journey to far-off periods in time, which explains why they regularly top the list of 'must-see' attractions for visitors.

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The Temple of Apollonas - “Portara” >>
The Temple of Demeter at Gyroula >>
The Sanctuary of Dionysos at Iria >>
The 3 “Kouri” of Naxos >>

Castles and Towers

The long-term presence of the Venetians lies behind the numerous Naxian monuments of castles and towers, which are found throughout the island. Despite being highly influenced by the Italian culture, the venetian buildings’ architecture have also integrated significant local elements.

There are two types of Venetian castle-type groupings: the tower-houses (ownership of powerful families of landowners) and the tower-monasteries (belonging to the Church).

Here is a selection of castles and towers to whet your appetite...:

Chora's Castle >> • Upper Kastro
• Apaliros’ Kastro • Della Rocca Barozzi Tower
• Krispi - Glezos Tower • Bazeos Tower or Timiou Stavrou Monastery
• Fragopoulos - Della Rocca Tower • Gratsia - Barotsis - Fragopoulos Tower
Himarrou Tower >> • Old Tower of the Plaka
• Panagias Ypsiloteras Monastery - Tower • Tower - Medieval Fort at Agia
• Palailogos Tower • Markopolitis - Papadakis Tower
• Markopolitis Tower • Barotsis Tower
• Bardanis Tower • Zevgoli Tower
• Belonia Tower Fotodoti Christou Monastery - Tower >>


The long history of Naxos has “gifted” the island with significant historical findings brought to light by excavations which - luckily for the visitors- one can appreciate in Museums, both in Naxos Town and in other areas of the island.

Many of the castled groupings on the island have been converted into museums, revealing the intense presence of the Venetians during the post-Byzantine Period. Other interesting museums feature popular art depicting the culture and way of life of Naxian civilization throughout the last centuries.

While in the island, it definitely worth’s it to depriveyourself of some time in the lovely beaches, so as to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Naxos in its Museums:

• Archaeological Museum of Naxos • Local Archaeological Museum
• Venetian Museum – Della Rocca Barozzi • Byzantine Museum
• Geological Museum • Small Archaeological Museum
• Museum of Popular Art (Folkloric) • Museum of Natural History
• Children’s Museum of Aegean Civilization • Archaeological Museum of Gyroula
Traditional Olive Oil Press of Naxos >> • Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Naxos
• Collection of People’s Art at Skadou on Naxos • People’s Art (Folkloric) Museum of Mesi on Naxos

Churches & Monasteries

Naxos is often referred to as “a second Mystra of the Aegean Sea”. This is not without a reason: the island is full of Byzantine churches with hagiographies. Throughout time, religious faith constitutes one of highly important characteristic of the residents of Naxos and there are numerous churches (mostly Byzantine), monasteries and innumerable small chapels indicative of their devoutness.

During your stay on Naxos, you should visit some of the most important churches of the island:

• Panagia Filotitissa • Panagia Myrtidiotissa
• Fotodoti Christou Monastery - Tower • Panagias Ypsiloteras Monastery
• Panagia Apiranthitissa • Ag. Kyriaki Kallonis
Panagia Argokiliotissa >> • Panagia Protothronos
• Ag. Georgios Diasoritis • Panagia Damniotissa
• Panagia Drosiani • Agios Artemios Sangriou
• Bazeos Tower or Timiou Stavrou Monastery • Panagia Kaloritsa
• Ag. Artemios Chalandron • Ag. Dimitrios
• Ag. Mamas • Faneromenis Monastery
• Ag. Antonios of Padova or “Capukinon Monachon” Monastery • Kazatza Chapel
• Ursiline Monastery and School • Roman Catholic Cathedral
• Kangelaria (Chancellery) Archdiocese, the “Ducal” palace • Panagia Theoskepasti
• Ag. Kyriaki Choras • Agias Monastery
• Metropolitan Orthodox Temple • the Roman Catholic Cathedral


The astonishing alteration of landscapes, magical beaches, mountainous grounds, plains, and so on, will surely keep you motivated to be on the move across all island’s areas! See more here>>

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