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  • Panoramic view of Apollonas village from top
  • Cafe at the beach of Apollonas village
  • Kouros, unfinished statue of God Dionisos at the top oh village
  • Fishing at Apollonas mole
  • Apollonas view from the mountens
  • Cafe & taverns at the beach of Apollonas village

At a glance...

A beautiful, small fishing village built in a cove north east of the island.
Views of Naxos
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Views of Naxos
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Apollonas is a beautiful, small fishing village built in a cove north east of the island. It lies 36 km from Chora if you take the west coastal road. Alternatively, you can take the scenic route.. through the mountains, at a distance of 44 km.

Apollonas’ most famous landmark can be found at the top of the village, in an area called Kastraki. It’s an unfinished statue dating from the 6th Century BC. Known locally as Kouros, it stands at 10.5 meters tall. Archaeologists believe that the statue depicts the ancient Greek god Dionysus.

A small sandy beach in front of the village is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Here you can enjoy seafood delicacies overlooking the northeastern Aegean sea.

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